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20, Australian, Goalkeeper. I love the WPS, the USWNT, the Matildas, the CWNT and the Roar. My favourite players include: Abby, Pinoe, Captain America, Baby Horse, Ashlyn Harris, Bubs, Walshy, KK and Sincy to name a few!

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Nadine Angerer, Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns, 12 April 2014. All photos belong to : Blue City Photography. (x)

Can I cheer for her but not for Portland?…that works right?

Gosh she’s amazing. I hope we get her back next Roar Season (hopeful considering we’re in the middle of a WWC cycle) 

[+] “This is as deep a team as we’ve had in a few years,” Ellis said. “I think there’s a lot of good parts of this group. A lot of experience, but also an influx of youth, and I think that’s going to help us.”

[+] “It’s been a tough couple of days, but we persevered and showed that we can do anything,” Lloyd said.

(Source: tpinoe)

It’s amazing how quickly I can go from flying to falling…

Today I hung out with the Brazilian team and had a BBQ with them. Nicest bunch of girls around- I just wish I spoke Portuguese so we could have chatted more! Ate amazing Brazilian food and sung and danced and took lots of photos! Jealous?