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20, Australian, Goalkeeper. I love the WPS, the USWNT, the Matildas, the CWNT and the Roar. My favourite players include: Abby, Pinoe, Captain America, Baby Horse, Ashlyn Harris, Bubs, Walshy, KK and Sincy to name a few!

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Nadine Angerer, Houston Dash vs Portland Thorns, 12 April 2014. All photos belong to : Blue City Photography. (x)

Can I cheer for her but not for Portland?…that works right?

Gosh she’s amazing. I hope we get her back next Roar Season (hopeful considering we’re in the middle of a WWC cycle) 

[+] “This is as deep a team as we’ve had in a few years,” Ellis said. “I think there’s a lot of good parts of this group. A lot of experience, but also an influx of youth, and I think that’s going to help us.”

[+] “It’s been a tough couple of days, but we persevered and showed that we can do anything,” Lloyd said.

(Source: tpinoe)

It’s amazing how quickly I can go from flying to falling…

Today I hung out with the Brazilian team and had a BBQ with them. Nicest bunch of girls around- I just wish I spoke Portuguese so we could have chatted more! Ate amazing Brazilian food and sung and danced and took lots of photos! Jealous?

sourcesoflight asked: And further to your rant...I agree completely. There's no understanding of the cost of either broadcasting a match, or hosting a fully fledged match with tickets/security/catering etc. We all want to see more, but a bit of understanding would go astray! Anyway, I hope you had a great day taking pictures!

Thank you! The cost of broadcasting it would have been ridiculous in comparison to how many people actually tuned in! Security were already overwhelmed at the venue but keeping the crowds small meant that everyone who wanted an autograph got one- the girls were so patient afterwards!